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          1. 從創立至今,風雨三十余載。在一路的變革與發展的征途中,雖有經歷風霜,但也沐浴陽光。改革開放和經濟全球化為我們施展抱負創造了廣闊的空間,使我們能夠不斷積聚能量,為國內外先進企業和人民提供先進的產品和專業化的服務。

            從一家小作坊成長為具有行業影響力的現代企業,瑞明集團的快速發展源于各級領導和社會各界的大力支持,得益于國內外合作伙伴和廣大客戶對我們的厚愛和信任,得益于全體員工的共同努力。我們始終堅持“以客戶為中 心,以奮斗者為本”,用發展的成果回報投資者、回報客戶、回報員工、回報社會是我們應盡的職責。 時代在前進,市場在變化,企業在發展。為此,我們將繼續堅持黨的路線方針政策,不忘初心,牢記使命,秉承 “事為先,人為重”的核心理念,堅守“誠信、團結、創新、共贏、責任”的價值觀,以“科技創新,服務客戶, 超越需求”為經營宗旨,帶領全體“瑞明人”,打造世界級的車輛零部件企業。把握發展大勢,和著時代節拍, 牢牢把握企業發展戰略。瑞明將以自主研發實現產業鏈價值轉型,用創新實現創造力,用智能推動生產力,為推動經濟發展和社會進步做貢獻。

            Great thanks for the attention and support from all friends of Ruiming Group.

            It is an over 30-year development since our establishment. During the continuous revolution and development, we have experienced the storms and enjoyed the sunshine also on the road. It is the Reform and Opening up policy and the Economic Globalization that provide us the development space, which makes us power enough to serve our domestic and foreign customers and partners.

            It is the great support of all the society, the help and belief of all our corporations and the hardworking of all the employees that help to achieve our transformation from a family workshop to a famous modern enterprise. Hence, we always firmly confirm the guideline of the Customer-Centered and the Striver-Oriented and to return our investors, customers, employees and society with our development achievements, which is our obligation.

            Age is forwarding, market is changing and the enterprise is developing. We will firmly stick to the Party's line, policies and guidelines, stay true to the mission, confirm the core idea of Create Value by Choosing Right People and Putting First Things First, and hold to the value of Integrity, Unity, Innovation, Win-Win and Responsibility. We'd like to build a world-class vehicle parts enterprise together all RUIMING people under the business purpose of the Science Innovation, Customer Service and Demand Exceeding. We will firmly hold the development strategy under the general trend and age steps.

            RUIMING will achieve her industrial chain transformation by the independent R&D. It is to achieve the creativity by the innovation and push productivity by the intelligence so that to make donation to the development of the economy and society.

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